The Sea Goat Finds The Sea

Under my sadness,

Under my woe,

Under my madness,

Under my show

there was me

wanting to glow.

I can feel me.

I can fell me when I’m alone,

walking down street to the tones

of tunes made known

to be the musical mathematics

of my life’s skeletal schematics.

I can feel and just be

a core sense of being,

looking at the Whole to see

a sight worth sightseeing.

I can feel my intuition.

I can feel the transition–

the changing of the definition

of love and it’s transmission.

I see my creativity

has it’s own phonaesthetic conductivity,

a phenomenon of its own

that is mine and mine alone.

No one else’s opinion matters.

No need for their mind clatter.

I found me

and that’s the key

to just be.


One thought on “The Sea Goat Finds The Sea

  1. Hey it’s Grace, I told u I would read your work last night and I absolutely love it! You are the most talented/unique writer of all time in my opinion. I love your work!


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