Life’s A Movie

Life is in full screen mode.

Press escape at any time.

You’re the one who extends your node

beyond the essence of rhyme.

Maximize the minimized,

but only when it’s wise.

See when it’s right to see a big picture,

and see when it’s not.

When you go off screen, altogether,

you see an expansive plot.

When you leave pieces of self in scenes,

you lose sight of what the present means.

Each day is new and fades to black

like each movie’s scene.

Each year is learning and when you look back,

you see even your own scheme.

Life is a movie:

you may watch or act.

Life is a movie

creating fiction into fact.

Life’s a film based on real events

because mind witnessed the consequence.

And when you see with stunning clarity,

your life-movie is recognized as rarity.

-M.I. Schellhaas, 29 August 2015


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