Stark Reality

Some truth to this life I know:

I regained paradise in time from death’s blow,

yet paradise — how incomplete it will always be

when the Light from True Love shines not on me.

And how I wonder if such is even true.

And how I wonder if such I ever knew.

And how I wonder to purposeful days

if love for love harmonizes in harmonious ways.

And how my children mean so much,

yet how that meaning is frustrated such.

And how my heart was torn and degraded

by their father, who stole and mutilated

what our life could’ve been

with his spiritual depravity from sin.

And by and by, I keep going –

changing, rearranging, & stabilizing,

yet how it means nothing to those with hearts black,

who blend not the white for grounds of grey back.

And how the world destroys me bit by bit,

from other’s greed, jealousy, and spit.

And how I wander, no longer lost,

finding my way at any cost.

This is all I have to make my name:

words of living that I’ve played this game.



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