Discombobulated Affection

Darkening, mood-disruptive hormonal waves:

My womanhood unleashed through this disarray of non-affection.

All this societal subliminal influx

Of the porn industry impregnating ectopic minds:

Infecting HIV in humans’ primordial sense of self.

Oh yes! All the archaic wisdom in a full-bossomed

nipple-pierced tribal-tattooed woman

imbuing fellatio upon some half-Hispanic stud…

And aren’t these images how the Dalai Lama reached enlightenment?

And the passionate romantics…

Pushed to the side in the Dead Poets Society of porn.

Simplicity has escaped them.




It’s like the weather.

The cold, hard whirlwind shards of death’s rainstorm.

The warm, fuzzy, elated blankets of love’s sunshine.

Those eerie branch-breaking bellows of people’s words.

Those illuminating light-bending rainbows of people’s words.

The prickling high-strung icicles of love’s avalanche.

The soft, slow wisdom-whispering winds of death’s fields.

These joys and pleasures…

These heart-aching pains…

These truths of living to truly live…