Photon Mesmirization
The sun –a star of innocence
shining rays of particle wavelengths
upon the terrain of man’s existence:
creating our wave function,
birthing our molecules,
illuminating essence of being
into these quantum black holes of sight.
Focus your heartfelt lens.
Deepen the fractalized aperture.
Side walks to city life,
but center runs to rural livelihood.
Consume conscientiousness;
claim core decisiveness.
Enter loving vibrational frequencies
of acoustically levitated laughter.
Benign acquiescence
unto translucent permanence.
Home is inside.
Berkeley Banter
Some kind of dissociative slide
intervening circumferences of experience.
Embrace. All falls into place.
Ride this wave into the next,
forever abiding flow of the tide.
Where ever you go, there you are…
Receiving and giving subjectivity.
Some people’s meaning means more.
You’re only curious about
what you’re subconsciously looking for.
And these subconscious yearnings all pan together.
Develop outer reality from inward intents
upon compatible reform.
This is ink. This is paper.
This is blank murdered tree giving spirit
to creative human desire of expression
toward outreaches of splintered lives
coalesced as a nation.
Key aspects of reality.
Solace calm transformation.
Souls collide how they do.
Souls intertwine how they accord.
Symbolic butterfly magic lead hermitage
to dragonfly-umbrella rain escorts.
Smiles of welcomed empowerment
infused confidence.
Found reflective pieces of ever-expanding being.
Touched harmony. Nurtured graces.
Some crossroads crisscrossed
the twist of a twine.

Poems from Ticky Tacky University