Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.”

The humanities and sciences of today verify this with behavioral studies and brain research. What a human being experiences shapes who the human being is, what the human being does, and how the human being expresses him/herself. Traumatic experiences shape fear, suffering, depression, anxiety, anger, and ill perspective. Uplifting experiences shape empowerment, peace, comfort, joy, and clarity. It makes sense, persons who have undergone more traumatic experiences than uplifting experiences struggle to internally shape, change, or discipline themselves to identify with how their trauma has meaning to be uplifting for themselves to keep going, as well, benefit the collective good.  When one is a child, one is learning and absorbing environmental conditions and behavior from other humans like a sponge. If one is repeatedly exposed to trauma, abuse, neglect, depravity, degradation, violence, corruption, and/or emotional bankruptcy without a counterbalance in life, one will grow up with certain issues that may take a lifetime to overcome. Certain humans are more resilient and malleable in heart and mind than others. And some humans learn faster with more agility than others. It takes dedication and honesty with own self to accept what the truth is of your circumstances and experiences which shaped your consciousness’ identity to be the living breathing being you are right now. Only after reaching a certain level of awareness do humans see what is and what always has been is not what humans initially interpreted it to be. “It” can be your parents, your family, your friends, your job, your faith, your living space, your perception, your decisions, your own self. Only when a human is true are we given the opportunity in ourselves to either embrace the facts or dismiss the facts. No one knows your intimate history more than you. Only you can make sense of it all. Expressing it outwardly to others and asking questions can bring release, but they can’t piece the puzzle together for you because YOU are the puzzle pieced together when you actualize your true inner nature in accordance with your understanding of your experiences, whether traumatic or uplifting or otherwise. While children have no control over the life and challenges they are born into, it is the task and struggle of adults to discover or regain innocence, honesty, and clarity they were deprived of in childhood. This is what it means to ignite a patch of soul-light on planet Earth. This is what it means, to me, to be a human being.


Some human meaning

This is all part of what is meant to be because it is. Not everyone will get it because not everyone is supposed to get it. Everyone is on their own path and at the same time everyone is on the same path because we’re patterns: fractals of condensed physical matter in an observable universe within a metaphysical realm of mind’s perception of this universe. We’re all parts and pieces of fractals so much larger than us we cannot see and will never see. We’re reflections of each other inside fractals within fractals inside God’s Will of Creation of All these fractals. There’s fractals inside this and there’s fractals outside of this. There’s fractals as sight in the observable world and there’s fractals as inner depth perception of self, the subconscious world. There’s fractals of thought within fractals of vagueness, cunningly zooming downward with articulate swooping precision, like a hawk capturing a sparrow clean out of thin air. There’s fractals of language. Fractals of metaphor. Fractals of being. Fractals of essence. Fractals of communication. Fractals of modeling. Fractals of fractals within fractals throughout fractals amidst fractals from fractals. This is for everyone. And this is for myself. This is from myself and this is from everyone. This is the realm of language, initiative, council, wisdom, purpose, principal, personal character. This is a stage. This is a movie. It plays before my eyes and, yet, I create it before my own eyes to share with the eyes of subjective personhood through the description of linguistic awareness quantumfied through one human being.


Conducting listless currents of self-doubt

can be as shocking as voltaic cables in a flooded warehouse…

Is this test of livelihood dwindling toward demise

or of organizing thoughts to align sparkling resonance?

Why this rough stucco texture life?

Paint splatters, ink blots, scattered plots?

Some endearing  lightheart haunted by heritage of duplicity?

Questioning questions, wishing wishes, answering opaque sentences?

Can I hear translucent? Can I see mellow?

Waiting for time to rewind into future

so I can begin where I left off…





Waiting around