The End is the Beginning

I have not the strength to carry the world upon my shoulders, but only the strength to tend to each day’s affairs as they come.

I have not the knowledge to solve all of my problems, but only the knowledge to know this.

I have not the identity to be anyone but my self, even as much as I still do not know her.

I have not the drive to move mountains, but the drive to walk plateaus alone.

I have not the love to change the world, but the love to change my self.

I have not the wisdom to understand the future, but the hindsight to clarify the past.

I have not the means to reach anyone’s heart, but the flexibility to harness my own.

I have not the breath to persuade anyone, but the breath to capture my own faith.

I have not the sight to see why I suffer, but the sight to see suffering is part of everything.


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