Shell-thumping spiral coils, vitamin-pens, blue heron-pigeon-geese feathers, meek confidence coughing sinus congestion, mediocre mild illness meditating oriental fans, crimson curtains, geometric carpets, and sandstone masonry bricking my mortar of Italian sitar angels singing lovingly unto ornamental Vietnamese elephants. And Aloe Vera's on Veda Vikings' far fowls for barnacles, love doves, starfish, and the AF-1 times Eleven is one plus one.
 Then, philosophical spazz-outs, missing identity,
 neurochemical existentialism, and asking questions? HOT Monamine Oxidase Inhibitors herbally, orally, transdermally. Black lacquered magnetic masturbation, nerve sensitivity, mirrored marveling mesmerized tear drops on a popsicle like supple skin contact in contract of mind breath breathing surrealistic nonsense to realistic clear sense while the dissipation of windshield condensation, foggy glasses, flower dew, and asphalt steam evaporate into cumulous cloud particles, rainbows, and the air you breathe.

Surrealistic Transcendentalism

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