In her youth, by her father’s side,

with bold fearlessness

she rode every roller coaster ride.

She explored the wilderness,

climbed up knolls and hills,

splashed over rapids,

crashed bumper car thrills.

She jet-skied once,

swam in swift rivers & eerie lakes,

threw herself into crashing waves

with fewly took breaks.

She galloped windy horsetrails,

slid down curving water slides,

rode on antique train rails,

sat backwards in classic car rides.

Curious charisma with hawk-eye vision,

she tried anything once,

always on her own decision.

Her father encouraged and nurtured her smile,

yet her mother stagnated her identity, all the while.

Shy from fear to express,

her discouraged creativity

developed into a mess.

Her curiosity grew odd, too weird, too strange

for her mother to accept her wide interest range.

Resentment, jealosy, spitefulness, pride

stifled a child who was learning to stride.

Now she is me: A grown woman in heart–

struggling, aching, trying to make

something of this life I did not want to take.


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