Live Wire

Burdensome material world.

Vacant occupancy.

How I wish release

from social catastrophe,

traumatized shock of forming bonds,

aching heart, shaking body,

tests of every sector.

How can I pass with flying colors

into peace of mind?

How do I succeed normalty?

Embrace acceptance of truth?

See couples of beauty…

affectionate happiness

together in pleasure.

See I’m buried alive,

exhausted from digging–

trying to breathe light.

People need people;

I need people’s love:

Imperfect –for this is who I am.

Imperfect –for what I’m worth.

Take it… to live

or leave it… to die.

My living is dying for life.

My dying is living for death.

Sublime, remarry me

with compatible reform,

sparkling ecstasy,

a chance to be Alive

above ground.