Engineered Autism


Do we hide behind screens because liquid crystals are safer than flesh?

Do we preoccupy screens because liquid crystals are how to disregard flesh?

Are we typing in text because speech is out of sight?

Are we digitizing life because living is not enough?

Are we living digital because life is too much?

Are we forgetting how to spell because we hardly write with our hands?

Are we desensitized from not using our senses?

Do we not see ourselves because we’re eluded by monolithic illumination?

When do cellular towers caress your soul?

Who’s more of a robot: you or your device?

Why not be your own liquid crystal through the essence of subjective flesh?

Why does renaissance happen after darkness?

Why was paradise lost to be regained?

Could you be binary flesh code on a Memorex Milky Way spinning in a deep space disc drive?



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