Caressing Language

​How to dress more raw than sushi, 

Act spicier than habaneros, 

Think louder than the Saturn V, 

Speak brighter than a petawatt laser, 

Attract more pungently than ecstatic sex…

How to know you need, 

what to do when you need,

where you need it, 

and how to wonder why…

Where to find what you need, 

who you need, 

why you need, 

and when it’s okay to want it, 

wear it, wash it, let it go…

When wanting is needy

 and needing is wanted…

When too honest is honest truth,

When truth is stranger than fiction, 

When devotion matters worth a damn of your emotion…

Where words go, escape, remember, forget, and release stigma…

How to cope, adjust, maneuver, compensate, contemplate, and feel the essence of acceptance…

Hold me in sunshine,

amongst dewdrops, raindrops, misty air… 

Hug me through starry moonlight, gentle breezes, seafoam beaches…

Wipe away my tears & eye crustaceans, 

Sand my coarseness,

Strengthen my brittle beams,

massage the ache out 

of my spine, shoulders, feet, heart…

Love me, cherish me—

 So few can. 

I’m love rejected, banned,  despised. 

I’m love enough –refined, revised. 

If I’m acquired, I’m taste enough.

If I’m kept, I’m your carressing touch.


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