Existence’s Complaint Form

At some point or another, we all can’t help but complain about something, someone, somewhere, somehow: politicians & politics, the mass media, sports, society, rich people, taxes, the cost of living, employment, coworkers, bosses, education, loans, money, mortgages, rent,  landlords, tenants, police, the law, defendants, plaintiffs, Windows 7,8,10, technology, business, the military, wars, authorities, our families, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, siblings, exes, kids, responsibilities, bills, houses, doctors, drugs, illness, insurance, cars, religion, the state of affairs, death and even living breathing existence itself. Sometimes, it is a release to vent out everything pissing us off. Often, the release of venting sends the complaining bug onto someone else, hurts their feelings, and begins a combative retaliatory effort to piss off and complicate more people, who will then continue spreading the same dissatisfied epidemic until, before you know it, complaining is a pandemic of the third degree. This has been happening since the dawn of humanity. There’s no way to stop it and there’s no way to immunize your emotions from feeling it, preventing it, or experiencing it yourself. Sometimes it is the hardest thing to accept that all the variations of darkness in the world will someday be yours in their due time in their due form to challenge your character, your willpower, your intelligence, your understanding, and your reaction/response to working through all of it on your own with no help whatsoever. When a person previously unacquainted with actual reality accepts this, the planet gains a new wholesome complainer. And this cycle keeps repeating through the facet of a new life everyday. Welcome to Earth.


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