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As I was writing in my composition book, I noticed the fluttering of a shadow through the crimson wrinkles in the curtain of my living room. I pushed the curtain to the side, and there, fluttering between the window and the window screen was a butterfly. She must have flown in through a narrow lift in the screen. I grabbed my camera, opened the window, and began capturing the sunlit orange hues of this butterfly’s fragile wings. This butterfly was not the slightest bit afraid of me. She let me zoom in on her with my camera lens as close as I possibly could. It even appeared she was intrigued by the sound of the camera’s shutter, as she stood completely still staring straight into the lens as I snapped pictures.


After several minutes, while I began recording a brief video, she flew inside and fluttered under my couch. I moved my couch away from the wall and tried to guide her back to the window. Instead, she flew onto my area carpet. I began recording video again and tried to get little bug to walk onto my finger. She did not seem interested in climbing onto me. She kept her wings closed, but when I touched the very end of one antenna, she opened her wings, then closed them. When I touched the end of the other antenna, she repeated opening her wings.

IMG_5649 (2)


I grabbed an empty jar and a piece of paper, wedged the paper under her feet with the jar over her to transport her outside. I couldn’t help but catch a few more pics of her with my camera lens poking into the jar.

IMG_5659 (2)

Upon butterfly’s exit from the jar, she climbed onto my camera, then my fingers, flew into my right eye, then fluttered away through the air. This whole experience reminded me of a sketch I saw a while back in a book about love:



The world is in pain from a lack of love, what can also be called *indifference.*

Everything and everyone who loves and is loved creates change in the world. Everything and everyone who hates and is hated creates more indifference. Love is nurturing someone or something difficult so potential can become success. When we neglect, stifle and criticize (nonconstructively) we damage, or traumatize, potential from becoming success. Anyone who is successful with anything is only able to succeed because they’re appropriately nurtured and nourished by the correct foundation to transform their potential into success.



A moment in time with a butterfly

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