Works of Progress

We are all works in progress–

perfectly imperfect unfinished masterpieces.

We are cracked panes of proportional magnificence

born to perceive, learn, understand,

create, work, and release

all of our shattered imperfections

onto planes of perception, knowledge,

comprehension, artistry, and livelihood

within others.

We are bodily expressions

of our parents,

of our experiences,

of our ideas.

We are a spirit of Nature

whom has birthed

a spirit all our own.

We are bipedal metaphors

of moss, twigs, pebbles,

leaves, pinecones, flowers,

bubbles, and snail shells.

A creative mind can create

a path to anywhere.

A persevering mind will follow

the path made.

The pioneer is who preserves

the creation at the end of the path,

and furthermore– substantiates

the creation onto progressions

of congregated congruent novelty.

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