by  m.i.schellhaas

Society is complex and complicated,
so convoluted: we’re all persecuted.
Society is disorganized and denominated,
and we’re oppressed by authorities dominated
as corporations that manage and play
a scheming business game, day by day.
It’s all about selling and marketing,
consuming the consumer’s mind
with ads and products that corrupt human kind.
Money isn’t real. It’s mostly a digitization.
However, this is far from a new realization.
This ‘In God We Trust’ – sacred for buying commodities,
whilst we consume our culture – in the eyes of prodigies.
Once you see you’re part of culture, you see you’re consuming yourself
all by way of this monetary vulture pecking away at your intrinsic self.
You don’t see how it’s all about you
and how you do what you do, continuing to
be society’s secret weapon to destroy
that little bit of autonomy every human once employed.


              The monetary system is not a system of equal opportunity, and furthermore is itself the primary mechanism bankrupting the human spirit. Regardless of whether one is earning, receiving and spending dollars, euros, złoty, yen, GB pounds, etc…everyone is participating in a digitized system which values individual human worth as a literal monetary symbol followed by numbers. This is a system of global slavery. It requires one to *spend* self’s energy and time to *earn* money which one will inevitably *spend* on seeming and apparent necessities and consumer commodities to comfort and convenience one’s existence. Some people are completely cocksure and satisfied with this because they know how to make it work for themselves. Meanwhile, money cons the human mind into overlooking that time and energy are exceptionally more valuable than money could ever be. People are conditioned to submit to money as the primary incentive to survive, let alone thrive, in the material world.
There’s an unlimited number of restraints, restrictions, and deterrents within a monetary system. If you make more than x amount of money, you owe this. If you receive *that* specific kind of income, you don’t have to pay this. If this is that, it’s not taxable, but if that is this, then it is. If you’re a member of BLAH-blah-blah then you don’t have to pay for that. If you invent your own certified church or non-profit organization, then you’re tax-exempt. There may be ups and downs in the stock market, but overall a monetary system remains stagnant: it keeps the poor in poverty, the middle class in the middle, and the rich in material prestige. To make a leap into a stable monetary disposition is few and far between. Even if one does acquire a better monetary disposition, if one does not understand how to manage and maintain it, it is lost as fast as it was received. As well, it can clearly be observed that a monetary system is a distraction from basic human rights and principles. Avarice begrudges tests in how much a person/corporation can get out of something/someone. This is the mental illness skewed within everyone’s casual life. There is no progress as a human species when we unrelentingly demand more profit, more compensation, more anything out of greed.

A common reaction of the subdued mind is something like…
“Oh well things just are the way they are. There’s nothing anyone can do about it.”

People like to believe there is nothing they can do about it because their spirit has been bankrupted by the monetary system. Meanwhile, everyone is responsible for their part within society. Everyone together is the secret weapon. The goal of the monetary system is to sever everyone’s autonomy through forms of advertising, promoting, and conning. As masses consume more, spend more, and overabundance conveniences, we can clearly observe the lack of conscientiousness about what is really going on. Everyone acting together as the secret weapon for the sake of human autonomy’s well-being is what will modify and eventually destroy this monetary system of darkness.

Top 10 Countries with highest Black Money in the World

Even right now, there’s a lot YOU, personally, can do about it if you start boycotting mass-manufactured goods from modern-day multi-billion dollar corporations. More people utilizing new purposes for things through buying vintage or antique devices will beneficially transform the world. It is intriguing to observe how items/materials modernly manufactured often are designed flimsy, fragile, brittle, glitchy, and overall of lower quality, while a good amount of things from antique/vintage eras were produced with projection of forethought in design, quality, and durability to last into the future. In a nutshell, teaching yourself and others medieval mastery is the way you can help culture change for the better: grow your own food, make your own jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, soaps, tools, furniture, exchange materials of equal worth with others, collaborate and research as a team how to repair things on your own. Someday, it may be the best decision you ever made when the market finally collapses and you’re able to survive with what you learned all while bettering the planet and the Gaian mind.



The Black Death of the 21st Century

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