Miraculous Northern Lights

Children, I weep for you.

I weep for your present.

I weep for your wishes.

I weep from unpleasant

misfortunes and misses

that took you away,

that damaged our bond,

and lead us astray.

I weep for misunderstandings

I cannot defeat

and the moral horror of those

who deserve not your keep.

I weep for motherhood,

childhood, and everything true.

I weep for my love.

I weep I cannot keep you.

I weep for our lives,

as my heart sinks even lower.

I weep for your hearts,

and how they’re taught to cower.

I weep for the world

in which you two are growing up.

I weep for your future

because mine’s giving up.

I weep, mourn, and suffer it out.

I let go of nurturing

that never came about.

I love you through tears

I wish were smiles.

I love you through fears

I wish would release.

I love both of you,

more than anyone else,

and wish you’re made stronger

through however much longer

this systemic insanity of severance ensues.


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