Genius is a 2 a.m. homeopathic Ambien underdose nerve stimulation machine of American Spirit 

drinking blood orange raspberry rum 

surrounded by an empty, dusty, vintage step-stool book shelf, hardcore-alien ware, and spiraled cast-iron psychedelia housing enamels, incense, ashtrays, duct tape, candles, paints, pens, plant particulars, and poker cards 

by an unfinished cicada shedding stand of sprayed magenta-green curled up leaves 

flaking a part inconsidered ideas–

Just waiting for acrylic revival. 

Lets send the genome off for scientific study to understand sensitivity of NMDA receptors. 

A perfectly imperfect mess is flawed in pristine ways. 

An imperfectly perfect mess is pristine in flawed ways.

All messes aren’t perfect to begin with.

The crazy world functionally wonders in a crazy way 

how a functioning world functions so crazily…

And this dry husk–

This near empty shell leaking obliterated psyche turpentines personas to a faded indelible shine

like a left-handed eight year old in 1865…


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