Inner Child’s Symposium

My wounded inner child

brought forth outrageous fears

of self-love defiled

through pure intentions beguiled.

She’s confused diffusion

reflecting profuse delusion.

She attacks me with no mercy

and weaves my adult into controversy.

When I try to control her,

she rebels in ways that deter

the adult in me from leading my name.

All the frustration spirals to shame

and wish after wish that I never became.

How can I heal her, stop her, comfort her, love her?

How can I be one person: unimpeded, wholesome, complete?

How can I live right and be true

when it’s me she tries to defeat?

Adult self has been seeking guidance,

compliance, aide, sincerity, and real reliance

of how to authentically transform

inner child’s injured contrivance.

Who can accept the demon of my delinquency?

Who is wise enough to counsel my debility?

Who can teach me how to thrive with deficiency?

And who can love all of this contingency?


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