Words are expressions of a feeling, a thought, an idea, a concept, an experience.

These words are expressions of what words are, where words come from, how words can be used, and why.

All words begin in the mind. The developing mind learns the language of it’s place of birth. It learns to spell words and read and write sentences. It learns past, present, and future tense and participle. It learns semantics, syntax, grammar, punctuation, the rules of language. It eventually forgets what all these things are called because the experience of hearing, speaking, reading, and writing language ingrains the subtleties of language in the mind. 

Words are first learned in infancy and early childhood to express basic needs:  pain, sleepiness, hunger, discomfort, comfort and desire for something/someone. Words evolve throughout life. An adult gains a wider vocabulary of words and deeper understanding of semantic, indicative, and sentimental meanings. Language becomes more than cerebral linguistic expressions of basic needs. Language shapes a person’s style, intellect, curiosity, comprehension, perception, psychology, personality, confidence, ideas, creativity, success, progress, and expression of emotions. Language becomes an indication of *something* deeper about a person. Language becomes a mechanism of significance.

Words are how we communicate with one another and make sense of our lives, surroundings, and experiences. Words are, for some individuals, the only way to keep living because words are their living. Words can be extroverted for the public speaker or introverted for the writer. 

Ideas are conceptions in the mind which can be expressed in words. Ideas can be idealistic or practical. Ideas can be prosperous or inconvenient. Ideas are from human imagination. Anything man-made in physical form once existed as an idea in someone’s imagination. Anything abstractly believed in is an idea from someone’s imagination. People took a liking to a lot of ideas and made whatever the ideas are into a hive-mind collective smash hit in objective reality.   Ideas are what we see making up the business of reality and subjective experience down to the very analysis of ideas themselves and the choice of descriptive words we fathom. 


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