Auspicious Flux

​Life is a constant flux of bodily, emotional, and circumstantial disposition. 

Life is an experiential metamorphosis of life force learning lessons of change.

Life is an acclimation with balance capability in and with time.

All the time, everyone is going through an individual metamorphosis. 

When one person’s stage of metamorphosis is no where near the level of another person’s stage of metamorphosis, the conditions are not opportune for them to commune. 

When a person’s stage of metamorphosis clashes with another person’s stage of metamorphosis is when communication between the two comes to a stop.

When individuals’ growth through their metamorphoses result in compatibility, they can (re)commune and (re)unite.

I have been going through a metamorphosis realizing mental illness is subjective to the person (albeit particular qualities of the malaise are macrocosmically inherent in the majority of sufferers). It appears the lessons mentally ill persons (as well, non-mentally ill counterparts) are to learn in order to discover the most behooving position of subjective nature only come via external experiences which mirror the individual’s subconscious mind. It’s up to the person to harness cognition of this, what it reflects about their disposition, and atone self-acceptance to move forward in an auspicious direction.


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