​As the World is Dying 

As the world is dying,

I say let it die.

As their tears are falling,

I say let them cry.

As the people travel,

I say let them ride.

As resistors cover,

I say let them hide.

As their hearts are breaking,

I say let them break.

As the cold brings shivers,

I say let them shake.

As people are sighing,

I say let them sigh.

As the world keeps dying,

I stop and ask “Why?”

Why did people lose touch

with nothing for too much?

Why do people make earth spin

for suffering and madness to win?

Why did the sun break through the clouds

only to shine upon our frowns?

Why do we stand for love

when indifference pushes to shove?

Why do we bleed and try to make

life into something we only forsake?

Why does nature know no bounds,

but people do to shoot more rounds?

Why did humanity disconnect

to evolve into the newest insect?

Why do we seek peace on earth

when peace in death is all peace is worth?

And as the world is dying,

I drop my head in shame

that I am part of a species

that sets the world aflame.


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