Car Vomit

Slipping on oil and transmission fluid,
wearing horse ridin’ boots
and a Rorschach dress.
The Exxon Valdez of automotive mechanica
Slopped across garage floor
cemented speckles, paint erosion,
and antique cracks of
Time’s pressure breaking atomic structure.
Fall’s dead leaves blew in months ago–
Saturate in pinkish expulsions of car vomit
Meshed in brown glossed tinges
of liquefied fossil fuels.
Clean up’s like spreading gravel over
a fresh filled flesh grave
shaped like Italy without toes.


26 February 2017



Car Vomit

Significance & Insignificance

By Seashells Solar

February 18, 2017

Significance & insignificance are subjective to the individual and/or collective of individuals.

The guy in the park maneuvering remote control trucks over and through hibernating grass and last fall’s dead leaves does not find my camera significant at all. Likewise, I do not find his remote control trucks significant at all. The trucks, though, are significant to him. My camera is significant to me. Each thing is each individual’s subjectively significant toy. Each activity is each individual’s subjectively significant fun.

Collectives of individuals come together when a thing has multiple persons who consider it significant, like God. 

A collective of Christians find significance in God by uniting in belief that God is true. 

A collective of atheists find significance in God by uniting in stance that God does not exist. 

For a feral child in the wilderness, both of these groups are insignificant because the feral child does not only not believe in God, the feral child is not capable of forming a stance of belief because the encultured influence to be able to comprehend such does not exist for feral development.

Again, significance is subjective because it is subjective to a feral child if the child can even find and discern meanings in some way to be significant. 

Some things are objectively significant for all, like death because death is a significant ultimate fate for all.

Yet, it is subjective to a person if they are able to find significance in this objective meaning that exists for all.

Significance & Insignificance