If you have a mother living

who encourages who you are,

you have someone giving

you the propulsion to go far.

If you have a father living

who is loving of what you do,

you have someone forgiving

of hassles you put him through.

If you have a husband

who’s loyal, diligent, & true

you have someone willing

to be there to look out for you.

If you have a wife

who’s forward, comforting, & sweet,

you have someone life-giving

making your family complete.

If you have deep connections–

who uplift through the test of time,

you have supportive directions

who guide you to make the climb.

If you have the right village

to help you raise your child,

you have the reassurance

for your role to be resiled.

But if you only have yourself–

attempting self-love — self-taught,

you can’t be anyone to anyone

because you’re all you’ve got.


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