On Pain
Pain comes in many forms.

Pain is physical, emotional, conditional,

social, familial, circumstantial.
When you’re in pain, you may think someone has caused your pain or is a pain in your life, but that might not be true if you don’t already “own” your pain.

Pain clouds our perceptions & influences our decisions.

Some people have to own a lot more pain throughout life than others, and even being able to own the pain is painful– because inside, you feel no one should have to own this much pain. Others who are not considerate & compassionate of this make pain for those people more painful, but this can be because they’re in pain, too. Yet somehow, it’s only by owning every piece & form of pain that makes up your waking life that you will ever learn to live. 

This is very sad because millions of people never truly live whilst they’re stuck in becoming aware that they need to own their pain.  Some end their lives because it’s too much pain to own.  Some end the lives of others who legitimately and illegitimately put them through pain. 

Some are in pain because they are dying. Others are in pain because someone close to them died.

And a few are in pain because they truly have no one in life who cares when they die.

Pain runs in families & pain is always present under particular circumstances.

Pain varies in existence from social declines and physical/emotional conditions.

Pain is never very far away if you’re not already in pain & pain can temporarily go into remission if you are.

Some forms of pain truly can and do last a person’s entire lifetime & there’s nothing anyone can do to change that.

Some pain is transient and passes after a time. Other pain is chronic and recurrs frequently.

Some pain will always be there until the person is able to heal…

And many people exist with obstacles & great lacks of support to be able to truly heal.

I wish I could finish this to be empowering, but it’s just me being in touch with my own pain, the pain I see around me everyday, and the lack of social affect I experience from others & know how to implement myself to stop, or at least counterbalance pain.


On Pain 

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