Please, bare with me.

I’m trying to be light,

but the burden on my heart

keeps me up at night.

I awaken wailing, 

sailing thru midnight tears

from the lack of love

in all my lonesome years.

How much longer will this go on? 

These half-taken breaths without song.

Will pining for life be the death of me?

I’m trying to change…

But I don’t know how to be free

from the confines & obstacles

of what it means to be me.

There’s something I lost

to be able to feel–

Something that never was–

Never experienced real.

Something I overlook 

and often hide.

Something I’m ashamed of

and push to the side.

I don’t know how to live

to be who others expect.

I live who I’ve become:

A heart mentally wrecked. 


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