From the Other Side

Lovers unite in glorious grace

by a deep bond grown in pace.

Blessed are they who kiss

before the altar of a wedding’s bliss.

So beautiful be this beginning

of new life & love bound,

shared in courtship’s highs & lows,

in pleasures & pains– plain and profound.

Man & wife embrace in light & dark,

as they complement breaths,

and fuse an endearing spark.

In their hearts, kindles a fire

of wisdom & patience

intertwined to admire.

They test through time love’s devotion

with every aroused emotion.

Meanwhile, across the hills,

to the side of a dell,

a departed couple’s grave 

peacefully dwells.

Their names are finely engraved

on a slab of fine, smooth granite.

United in death, their vestige is the bereaved,

lighting love amongst the planet.

As the new couple’s love latches wedlock’s door,

spirits watch their flesh embrace

from the grave of lovers gone before.

Through sickness, through health,

through poverty, through wealth,

the newly weds shall one day pass, accordingly,

united everlasting if their love is the strength 

of true harmony.


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